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Sunday, July 18, 2010

For those of you who are counting down to this July's bar exam....

Some well-timed humor, courtesy of our buddy Allison Hayward (see here and here--but if you're easily offended by cuss words, skip the second link).

And some last-minute tips from us:

1.  Your stress is ramping up, so ramp up your exercise program.  (But don't do things that are likely to cause you to break, say, a finger on your writing hand.  That happened to one of Nancy's friends right before he took the bar exam, and he had to learn to write with his other hand.)  Try to do something physical every day, even if it's just for 30 minutes.  Yes, yes; you can listen to bar review tapes while you exercise, if you really can't spare 30 minutes just to relax.

2.  Memorize.  Now.  Memorize the rules and the exceptions to the rules (and the exceptions to the exceptions.  BUT...

3.  Once you hit mid-afternoon on the day before the bar exam starts, STOP STUDYING. It's time to get in the zone:  watch a really stupid movie, read silly magazines, play video games.  At that point, there is nothing new that you can cram into your memory, so stop trying.

Good luck to all of you who will be sitting for the July bar!

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