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Friday, April 30, 2010

Welcome to our blog!

Welcome to our blog!  Aspen Publishers / Wolters Kluwer is publishing our book, Law School Survival Manual: From LSAT to Bar Exam, this summer (see here for info).  Our book has the following chapters:

Chapter One--Before Law School Begins
Chapter Two--Orientation:  Welcome to Law School
Chapter Three--Some Universal Truths
Chapter Four--The First Two Weeks
Chapter Five--The First Month
Chapter Six--Some Advice About Writing
Chapter Seven--Preparing for Exams
Chapter Eight--The Marathon Aspect of Exams
Chapter Nine--First-Semester Grades
Chapter Ten--The Upperclass Curriculum
Chapter Eleven--Summer Jobs
Chapter Twelve--Evening (Part-Time) Programs / The Nontraditional Law Student
Chapter Thirteen--The Judicial Clerkship Process
Chapter Fourteen--The Bar Exam
Chapter Fifteen--A Few Last Survival Tips

We hope that you'll enjoy our book.  We also hope that you'll use this blog to check out some survival tips and to ask us questions about survival.  You can send us emails by clicking on "Contact us" (on the right) or by emailing Nancy at

Welcome to law school (if you're starting soon), and congratulations on making it through law school so far (if you're already there)!