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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A great comment from one of our readers:

Hat tip to Elena, one of our readers, for this great point:
Based off of what I saw during Fall OCI the last 2 years what to wear for an interview needs to be revisited once again.  Platform heels with a peeptoe?  Not a good idea.  Men:  the bottom of your tie should hit the top of your belt.  Also, get your slacks tailored.  Ladies: think about what shoes you are going to wear with your slacks, as you are then stuck with that height.  Also, ladies:  If a skirt hits higher than the top of the knee, it is too short for work.  Just a thought.

Elena, many thanks!  Students:  Remember, those TV shows with the "lawyers" wearing trendy, cool clothes?  They're actors, and the shows are fiction.

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